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NextFourPlan.com was formed in 2015 with the mission of providing families across the country with the tools and resources necessary to make the best college planning decisions possible when sending their loved ones off to college.

Each year millions of households across the country send children off to college without the resources to make the right decisions.   For example, regularly, parents are scared off by the “sticker price” of their child’s dream school and don’t consider it an option.  However, many times these schools can be just as affordable as a state school –in some cases cheaper — once the dream school’s financial award policies are taken into account, and that is one of the many college planning “secrets” that will be brought to light within the Next Four Plan report.

Through our partnership with POM College Consulting, creators of the Mytuitionscore algorithm, we provide valuable and comprehensive college planning tools and resources that help educate families on the journey that lies ahead related to sending their children off to college.   The personalized Next Four Plan report that we provide helps ensure that families have all the information and knowledge necessary to make informed decisions.

In addition, we can provide access to subject matter experts that maintain expertise in college planning topics ranging from college admissions, financial aid, asset planning and scholarship opportunities among others to provide a full concierge service to families who desire a more comprehensive college planning solution.

What is Next Four Plan?

Next Four Plan is a personalized and powerful college planning report supplemented with other valuable resources. Together it serves as a comprehensive college planning preparedness tool for use by families sending their children off to college.  The report puts families in the best position to ensure that they make the best decisions as it relates to both college funding and college selection.


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Comments From Various Team Members

“The Next Four Plan report is a unique product offering in the marketplace.  It not only provides valuable and essential information Jeff Levypersonalized to your child’s family and a academic profile… but it also provides access to other great tools and like ACT/SAT prep courses, and scholarship search.  Everything you need to maximize both financial and Merit based aid is provided in one package.  It’s a no brainer!”

– Jeffrey Levy, Founder NextFourPlan.com

Jeff started NextFourPlan.com to provide an easy and affordable college planning report that provides families with the knowledge and tools necessary to make the right decisions while minimizing college costs.


darren-rose“the college process is involved and can be extremely overwhelming.  My number one goal is to always bring families a sense of calm during a stressful process. Knowledge is power and power keeps the cost of an education as low as it can be.”

– Darren Rose, Founder POM College Consulting

Darren founded POM College Consulting, creating an experienced team that recognizes the need for a simple way to understand and navigate college planning.



Lisa-Cynamon-Mayers“I work with amazing kids who have a desire to get a good education.  My goal is always to make a student stand out in a process that is ultra competitive!”  

– Lisa Cynamon Mayers, POM College Consulting Concierge

Lisa has 15 years of experience in higher education, with experience as an admission counselor, independent college counselor, blogger, writer and speaker. Lisa has worked in the Offices of Undergraduate Admission for Washington University in St. Louis and Case Western Reserve University.  Lisa has worked as a college counselor for the previous twelve years.


saraafter working with several thousand families on the financial aid process, I can honestly say that most people overpay for college because they don’t know key aspects of the process.  I feel a true sense of happiness knowing that I help people minimize the cost of education. It is so important to get a degree but sooo expensive.

– Sara, POM College Consulting Concierge

Sara is an experienced college planning concierge, counseling thousands of families over the course of several years on matters related to maximizing financial aid awards.


Our Mission

Our primary mission is to bring peace of mind to families as they begin to explore and complete the comprehensive college planning process, while maximizing financial awards.

Bottom line, we want to insure that you

Never Over pay for College.




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