College Planning Resources

Below are some useful college planning resources that will provide basic understanding of some key components of the college planning process.  Some of the resources below are grouped by subject matter such as Admissions or Loans & Financial Aid, while others are general to the college planning process.


Admissions and Applications Resources

college planning resources - admissionsCompleting college applications and navigating the admissions process is a very important step in the college planning process.  Our resources that will help you gain an understanding of some of the key components of the college admissions and application process and the importance of doing it with precision.

The resources include short videos as well as articles on related topics that may be of assistance

Admissions and application resources



Loans and Financial Aid

college planning resources - financialIt goes without saying that the college experience has become very expensive, in fact it has become so cost prohibitive that college would be out of reach for many families without access to student loans and financial aid.  That being said, if you are not familiar with the variety of loan options, and free money alternatives that are potentially available to prospective students, these resources will be very educational.


Loans & financial aid resources


General College Planning Data and Other Educational Resources

College Planning Glossary

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

College Planning Success Stories

Family Guide to College Savings (.pdf)

250 Most Generous Schools in America (.pdf)

CSS Profile School List (.pdf)

Illustration of the FAFSA Process (.png)

College Savings Planner Courtesy of

Downloadable Forms

2017-1018 FAFSA Worksheet (.pdf)


Other Useful College Sites From Across The Web

Below are some useful college planning links from other sites from across the web that you may find helpful when planning for college for you or your child.   Note: we are not responsible for the content provided at the sites below, and cannot guarantee their accuracy or timeliness. An office of the US Department of Education scholarship search college stats, reviews, rankings and more college and scholarship search

US News and World Report rankings of the nations best colleges and universities

College Confidential college forum

KAHN Academy College admissions resources




These resources will be updated with additional college planning videos and educational documents over time so stop back and visit periodically.