Loans and Financial Aid Resources

It goes without saying that the college experience has become very expensive, in fact it has become so cost prohibitive that college would be out of reach for many families without access to student loans and financial aid.  That being said, if you are not familiar with the variety of options, the resources below will be educational.


Useful Links & Other Resources

The Guide To Federal Student Aid (courtesy of

About The Public Service and Loan Forgiveness Program (PSLF) (courtesy of

2017-2018 FAFSA Worksheet

Video Library

Private Loan Options

The ins-and-outs of private loan options — including who is ultimately responsible for repayment, and requirements for qualification.

Federal Loan Programs

Watch the video above to learn about Stafford Loans, Perkins Loans, And the Parent Plus Loan

FAFSA Form Basics

FAFSA stands for Free Application For Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA Form is a 130 question form that is imperative to complete accurate and on time. Watch the above video fro a primer abour FAFSA

The CSS Profile

The CSS Profile is a methodology that Ivy league schools (and many other prestigious univiersities) use to determine financial aid. Unlike the FAFSA, the CSS profile form is not free, it requires a nominee fee per school it is submitted to. Learn more about the CSS profile from the video above.

Negotiating Your Financial Aid Award

Many parents don’t realize that when a school offers you a financial aid package, it can be negotiated.  Here are 3 tips when negotiating a financial award.

  1. Understand the principal terms for negotiation
  2. Detail any special circumstances or qualifications that should be considered
  3. State your case in writing